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Big D's Delivery is an Edmonton, Alberta based and run commercial and domestic courier service, specializing in customer satisfaction. We are a growings local business that has been working to create a good name for ourselves since 2009. With a fleet consisting of everything from small compact cars, perfect for inner city runs to large cube vans to make sure we can handle whatever you need to transport.



We are equipped with a great team of labourers, drivers and office staff to provide the best service of transporting goods from A to B, anywhere in Alberta to or from Edmonton.

We have great experience with jobs as small as, but just as important as, office mail deliveries, grocery deliveries for seniors and those with disabilities, floral deliveries and more.

However, in the last couple years we have been finding our niche in the large transport industry. We have become a popular choice for mattress retailers, flooring specialists, kitchen and cabinet manufacturers, several well-known home builders, home designers and decorators, and so much more when it comes to their transport and delivery needs.



We care deeply for what we do and we pride ourselves on being reliable, diligent and efficient. Customer service and satisfaction remains our number one priority at all times. "Please" and "thank yous" from our staff are standard practice on both ends of the delivery. 

We work closely with each individual client and customer to negotiate rates that are pleasing to all parties, as this definitely has a part in our customer's satisfaction. We know how important and crucial overhead costs are for any business and we want everyone we work with to succeed with us, alongside us.



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